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Grandstream GXP2200

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Grandstream GXP2200

The Grandstream GXP2200 has a 480x272 pixel capacitive touch screen TFT LCD, 6 lines with up to 6 SIP accounts, HD wideband audio and Supports Android Operating System 2.3 and the vast number of 3rd party Android applications.

Enter the Grandstream GXP2200 Configuration Panel

Connect the GXP2200 to your network and power up the device. After 60 seconds on the LCD screen you'll see a window to add accounts, on the top of that window you'll see the IP address of your device ( Save that IP address.

On your computer open your preferred browser and put the IP address in the address bar.

Once the page is loaded it will ask you for a Username and Password, the default is Username: admin Password: admin

Register the Grandstream GXP2200 with

Once you have entered the configuration panel, select General Settings on the panel on the left and select Account on the menu at the top of the page and complete the following fields:

  • Account Active: Checked
  • Account Name The outbound callerID Name (See the requirements below)
  • SIP Server: (Pick any one of multiple servers)
  • SIP User ID: 100000 (Replace with your Main SIP account or Subaccount UserID, e.g. 198765 or 198765_sub)
  • SIP Authenticate ID: 100000 (Replace with your Main SIP account or Subaccount UserID, e.g. 198765 or 198765_sub)
  • SIP Authenticate Password: ********* (Use the SIP account password-By default the same as the Customer Portal)
  • Voice Mail UserID: *97
  • Name: Enter a name of your choice (it can be your name or company name)
If you want to register your Main account, you can find the Username and Password information by logging into your Customer Portal.
If you want to register a sub-account you will have to use the credentials that you set when you created that sub-account.
IMPORTANT for Account Name:
  - We suggest entering your outbound Caller ID Name must be in capital letters. This will appears more clearly/visible on some devices.
  - You must NOT use any special characters, they will not be displayed. 
  - Enter a max of 15 characters. Some of regular Canadian providers will not show more than 15 characters max. We suggest shrinking or adapt your caller ID. 
  - Spaces are allowed in a caller id name.


Once you have Saved the Account information, click on the Network Settings option on the left and under the Account you configured complete the following fields:

  • Outbound Proxy: (Pick any one of multiple servers)
  • NAT Traversal: Keep-alive

GPX2200 Network Settings N.png

After saving the settings, you should now be able to start making calls. Please contact us via Live Chat or Ticket if you require any assistance.

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guide directly from Grandstream, you may find the user manual guide below:

User Manual : Download PDF

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