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Grandstream DP750 Configuration Detail


1. Type the DP715 Base Station IP address in your PC browser e.g.

2. Log in using username and password of "admin" to configure the DP750 Base Station.

3. Navigate to the Profiles > Profiles 1, and select ' General Settings '.


4. Navigate to the SIP Settings > Basic Settings menu on the left.

Sip - Basic Settings - 1.png

Profile 1 sip basic 2.png

5. Navigate to the Profiles > Profile 1 > Audio Settings.

Profile 1 Audio Settings.png

Profile 1 Audio 2.png

6. Navigate to DECT > Sip Account Settings.

Sip Account Settings.png

7. Navigate to DECT > Handset Line Settings.

Handset Line Settings.png

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guides directly from Grandstream, you may find the user and admin manual guides below:

User Manual : Download PDF

Admin Manual : Download PDF

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