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Grandstream DP715/DP710

Grandstream DP715 Configuration Detail

Configure using Interactive Voice Prompt:

1. From the registered Handset, press *** to get into the IVR menu. Enter option 02 to obtain the DP715 IP address.

2. Type the DP715 Base Station IP address in your PC browser e.g.

3. Log in using password “admin” to configure the DP715 Base Station.


Once that you login you will see the following window:


4. Click on PROFILE 1 to configure your first line you will see the following window:


Complete the followings fields.

Then go to the bottom and press "Update"

5. Click on HANDSETS to configure your Handsets, you will see the following window:


Complete the followings fields.

Then go bottom and press "Update"

Setting Your Time Zone

Click on the " Basic Settings " tab link at the top of the Grandstream Device Configuration window.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Basic Settings page to the Time Zone drop-down list.

From the drop-down menu list, select your local Time Zone.

Click on the Update button at the bottom of the configuration window to save your changes.

Voice Mail Waiting Indicator Or MWI

By default, the MWI indicator is disabled. In which case, the only way you know you have a voice mail is by picking up the handset and pressing the off-hook button. Normally you will just hear a dial tone. But, when you have voice mail waiting, you will hear a stutter tone.

To enable MWI indicator on the DP715 base unit:

Once done, you need to associate a mailbox to the registered account from the customer portal. For the main account it is done from Main Menu>>Account Settings>>General Tab and for a sub account it is chosen as the internal extension voicemail from Sub Accounts>>Manage Sub Accounts>>Edit. Next time you receive a voice mail, you will see the base unit's green LED (handset off-hook indicator) will blink. When the voicemail is deleted, the handset off-hook indicator will no longer blink.

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