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FgVoIP is a softphone for use with Blackberry devices.

Configuration Details

Create Profile

  1. Go to Preferences > Profiles.
  2. Position focus on existing profile, press menu item "Create copy".
  3. Type in your new profile name.
  4. Select your new profile, press menu item "Active" or press trackball/touchpad.
  5. You will be asked if you want to log in or not. Choose NO.
  6. Go to Setup > Main Settings.
  7. Type in your SIP server configuration data (more details below). If you need more settings press menu item "Advanced Settings"
  8. After you save your settings you will be asked if you want log in. Choose YES.
  9. If your settings are correct you should be logged in when you come to main screen, if not go to 7. and try again.

VoIP Account Details

  • Account settings: (in Main settings screen) should look like this:
  • My name: John Smith (your name)
  • My ID: 100000 (your VoIP.ms username)
  • My Password: ********* (account password)
  • My Domain: atlanta.voip.ms (one of our multiple servers)
  • My Proxy: atlanta.voip.ms
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