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One of the benefits of having a VoIP.ms account is that not only do you get both origination and termination services, but VoIP.ms also offers a complete solution for your business or home by providing you with many options and features to make your life easier than ever. Most of the Features listed below are completely free with the service and you will not need to pay extra to have these awesome benefits. To fully understand each of these features, you can click on the the feature name to access the specific guide for each topic.

Feature Summary
Call Details Report and Invoice Generation You will be able to examine detailed information of all the calls coming and going from your Main account and Sub accounts simply from the portal.

Additionally you will find the Finances Menu, where you will get access to the tool to Generate Invoices according to your needs and also be able to add funds to your account.

Callback With this feature, you can define a number to be called by our system, in order to receive a dial tone and place outgoing calls through VoIP.ms. This could be useful if you want to place a call and you are not at home or don't have access to your voip device.
Caller ID Caller ID is a telephone service that transmits the calling party's number to the called party's telephone. When available, the Caller ID number can be complemented with the caller ID name (description e.g. John Smith)
Call Forwarding A Call Forwarding allows an incoming call to be redirected to a mobile telephone or another telephone number where the desired called party is able to answer. You can set any number, even international numbers.
CallerID Filtering This feature allows you to filter the incoming calls to your DID numbers given a specific Caller ID number, area code or even anonymous numbers. For example, if you receive annoying incoming calls from a telemarketing company you can create a filter to route all the calls to a recording that plays the message "That number is no longer in service, please hang-up and try again", amongst several other options.
Calling Queues If you want a solution to manage your incoming calls and have your customer(s) wait on the line while an agent picks up the call, you need to create a Calling Queue entry. This will permit you to have many calls on hold, queued calls in First In-First Out order until agents become available.
DID Portability Don't lose that number that you like so much, if you are a VoIP.ms customer and have an existing number with a different provider you can optionally bring it (port it in) to VoIP.ms network. Toll free numbers, local USA/Canada and even International numbers can be ported to VoIP.ms.

The LNP (Local Number Portability) Department handles all porting processes and guides the customer through it. They are also in charge of updating the customer via email with any relevant information about the port every time there is a change on the port request status.

Digital Receptionist (IVR) Interactive Voice Response (IVR), (also known as Auto-attendant) this option can be used to present a recording to the people calling to your DID number and also give them the chance to enter the extension of the person or department they want to reach. For example, you could create an IVR and point one of your DID numbers to it, and when the IVR answers, the caller will hear "Thank you for calling XYZ Inc, for Sales press 1, for Service press 2", etc.
DISA Direct Inward System Access ( DISA ) allows you to use our system for placing outgoing calls, even if you are not close to any device where you are registering your account or sub account. In this case you just would need to dial to your DID number and to provide a 4 digit PIN number, you can then dial out to any number in the world under our termination rates.
E911 VoIP 911 Service differs from traditional 911 services due to limitations brought on by VoIP technology. It is nearly impossible to detect where a call originates from when placed over the internet. e911 allows users to associate physical addresses with their DIDs, allowing them to have service similar to traditional 911.

Important Note: Use of our 911 Service costs a recovery setup fee of $ 1.50 on activation and a regulatory recovery fee of $ 1.50 per DID number activated per month.

Failover for Incoming calls Whether your system is unavailable or you are experiencing an Internet or power outage, VoIP.ms offers you the option to redirect the incoming calls to your DID numbers to any location where you can take the call, for example like your cell phone.

Since you are virtually able to select any regular Routing option for the failovers, you can customize your setup in different ways by selecting one of three states, No Answer, Unreachable or Busy.

Free Calls Between VoIP.ms Customers Save even more money with this feature, with VoIP.ms you get free calls from your account to any VoIP.ms Voice DID from US and Canada. So if your friends, family or customers have VoIP.ms DIDs from US/Can, you can be sure that the call will be FREE.
Internal Extensions This feature will allow you to define a quick dial access number to contact the subaccount directly and internally, this way you will be able to reach each a sub account by dialing an extension number E.G "102". This is an amazing feature because calls between extensions are free, so you can have one extension at your office or home in Canada and another one in the US or another country in the world and reach that subaccount dialing only the extension number. With this feature your business can be more efficient and also your friends and family will be in touch easily.
IP Authentication and IAX support Besides the regular method of authentication (Username and password), VoIP.ms also offers the customer the option to authenticate their system via IP address, this way the customer can configure their system to fit their needs.

Even though the native and regular protocol is SIP, VoIP.ms also supports IAX protocol for Customers wanting to communicate this way.

Low Balance Email Notifications Since it could be time consuming to constantly keep track of the Account balance, VoIP.ms offers you the option to receive an Email notification to your email address, when your account reaches a Low balance limit, below your defined Balance Threshold.
Music on Hold With our services you can easily chose if you want to play "Music on Hold" when the call is on hold state, the caller will hear music from a variety of choices while they wait on line. Also you can deactivate this option if you don't want to play Music to the caller, this can be done from your customer portal >> Main Menu >> Account Settings >> General. [1]
Phone book The Phone Book feature allows you to configure Speed-Dial entries and Caller ID name (CNAM) overrides. For example, let's say you have a Customer, Provider or Relative that you call frequently, you can create a phone book entry in order to make a call using a speed-dial entry of 4 digits long. You can also have a Caller ID name (CNAM) override to identify the incoming calls of an important customer if his number doesn't have a proper Caller ID name (CNAM) linked to it, for free.
Recordings VoIP.ms allows you to upload an audio file and use it in the different options we have under the DID numbers menu. It can be used with several of the other features of our system such as Digital receptionist, Calling queues, and others.
Ring Groups The Ring Group feature allows you to have incoming calls to be redirected to different destinations that are included in your Ring Group, where any member of the group is able to answer. When you receive a call to a DID routed to a Ring Group, all members of that group will ring at the same time until one of them answers the call. You can add various types of members to a ring group:

Main Account,Sub Accounts,SIP URI's,Call Forwarding.

Reseller The Reseller feature is intended for users who want to initiate a business in the VoIP world by reselling VoIP.ms services, this useful tool can help you create and manage accounts for your own clients, you will be able to assign specific rates and DIDs to them and also provide credentials to register a device or call system. You will be able to handle the billing for your customers depending on your needs and how much you want to earn with your business, setting rates and adding credits for them. Additionally you will find options to customize your reseller portal to have a more personalized site.
SIP URI A SIP URI is the SIP addressing schema to call another person via SIP. In other words, a SIP URI is a user's SIP phone number or address. The SIP URI resembles an e-mail address.

This feature allows you to send and receive messages with your DID Number (US and Canada DID Numbers Only). Currently it is in beta and will remain free until further notice.

Sub Accounts Having a Sub Account allows you to register more than one device to make or receive calls simultaneously, you can also use it as internal extensions for your office or even your house. Many of the features within VoIP.ms make use of the sub accounts. With this guide we are going to learn how to create and use this feature properly.
Time Conditions Time Conditions is a feature that allows you to route your incoming calls to different destinations depending on the time of the day of the call. For example, you can have a Time condition for your Non-Business hours and all the incoming calls you receive will be routed to a recording or the voicemail directly (you can also route to other options, like IVR, Call Forwarding entry, etc.).
Vanity Toll Free Numbers Are you looking to have that special contact number for your business with specific digits? VoIP.ms offers the option to order a customized Toll Free number with any combination of digits you like.

Either for business or personal use, you will be able to use the tool from the portal and find that number.

Virtual Fax The Virtual Fax feature is used for sending and receiving a Fax (facsimile) with the VoIP.ms service using a DID number specifically dedicated to Faxing. You may obtain such a number from your Customer Portal in the Fax Numbers section under the Order DID(s) of the DID Numbers menu. Regular voice DID numbers are not compatible with the Virtual Fax feature.
Voicemail ___________________________________________________ VoIP.ms has an advanced Voicemail feature that is free to use, which also provides you the option to forward your messages to your email address as an audio attachment.

In order to use the Voicemail feature with Voip.ms you will have to create a Voicemail entry and then assign your entry to one of your DIDs or Accounts.

If you have more inquires regarding the Features, feel free to contact the support team via the Live Chat or the Ticket system.

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