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Can I port my existing number from another provider to VoIP.ms

VoIP.ms does offer LNP service, and your number may be available for porting. Please contact Customer service to find out whether your current number is portable to VoIP.ms network or if you already have an open account, refer to the Porting a Number guide.

Why am I receiving calls from an "Asterisk" caller ID?

If you are receiving calls with “Asterisk” as the caller ID name, the first suggestion is to check is if the calls appear on your VoIP.ms CDR as incoming calls. If they don't, then you can be sure that these calls are not coming through Voip.ms system since every call that reaches our system will appear on your VoIP.ms CDR.

If this is the case, one of the most probable reasons is a direct SIP call to your Asterisk System or Device, for Spam, SIP campaigns or scanners searching for public IP addresses with SIP port open in order to Brute force. Unfortunately this is out of Voip.ms control as these calls never reach our system.

However, there are some suggestions you could follow in order to eliminate this inconvenience:

Does VoIP.ms offer Calling Card solution to purchase credits for outgoing calls?

Voip.ms does not offer a calling card solution. However, you can use your DIDs and forward them to a calling card provider if you desire. Voip.ms also offers the DISA feature (resembles the calling card feature). When you call the DID, the system then will ask for a pin number, after entering the caller will be granted with dial tone to make the final call via VoIP while paying the VoIP.ms rates when calling to anywhere in the world.

Where is VoIP.ms located ?

Voip.ms is a Canadian Company. The main office is located in Montreal, Canada and there is also an office in Merida, Mexico for their South America market. Credit Card charges are made in US Dollars (USD) Currency by Swiftvox Inc via Internet secure.

What are the IP addresses of VoIP.ms´ servers ?

What server should I use ?

Usually in order to get better results, you should choose the server closest to your location. You can still send a ping to any of the servers to check the best response time.

Do you offer Conference calls ?

Voip.ms doesn't offer Conference calls as a feature, however if your system or device is capable of establishing a conference call, then you will have no issues running a conference using VoIP.ms

Does VoIP.ms offer a STUN server ?

Voip.ms doesn't provide any kind of STUN server nor is it required to use one with their service. If for any specific reason you wish to do so, you can still find a public STUN server on the web for free if you need one.

Does VoIP.ms encrypt the communication ?

The SIP communication is secure although not encrypted. However, the passwords are MD5 hashed and are not transmitted without encryption when establishing the call.

Does VoIP.ms provide a Hardware device to use the service ?

VoIP.ms does not provide any kind of hardware device, software or system to use the service. The service is a BYOD (Bring your own device). You should be able to get one from any Communications specialized store, and all SIP-compatible devices are supported. (Almost all VoIP devices support SIP protocol)

Can I use my existing device with VoIP.ms ?

Basically, any device or system which supports SIP or IAX2 protocol will work with Voip.ms system. If you bring your device(ATA, IP phone) from a previous provider, make sure its not locked and you are able to make changes to its configuration. Feel free to ask Technical support for further details, however they can not help you regarding how to unlock a device from other provider (for legal reasons).

Can I call an International Toll Free number ?

At this moment calls to International Toll Free numbers are not supported. Only to US and Canada toll free numbers.

Does VoIP.ms offer alternative ports besides 5060 ?

Voip.ms offers alternative SIP ports, UDP 5080 and 42872 on all of their servers, You can try those ports in case your ISP does block the SIP PORT 5060 UDP or if you need to use another one.

Does VoIP.ms offer a referral program ?

Voip.ms is not offering any kind of referral program at the moment.

Can I register 2 different devices with the same account ?

It is strongly suggested not to do so, it can cause conflicts while routing the calls and the devices can steal each others' registration. If you need to register more than one device, please create and use Sub Accounts, you will get new credentials for any additional device.

How do I port out my number ?

If you have a DID number with VoIP.ms and wish to port it out to another provider, you need to always start this process on the new provider's side. They should be able to provide all the information required to start this process.

How do I change the US48/Canada termination route for my subaccount ?

The US48/Canada termination route for the sub-accounts needs to be changed from the Main Menu >> Account Settings >> Account Routing tab. The route you use for the Main account is what will apply to the whole account, unlike the International route, which is independent per accounts/Sub Accounts.

Does VoIP.ms offer Distinctive Ring tones ?

Distinctive ring tones are not available at the moment, if you are in a situation where you need to know which one of your DIDs is receiving a call, a good option is for you to use the "Caller ID name Prefix" for the DID, to add a specific prefix to DID, different from the others.

Can I deposit less than $25 USD ?

The minimum amount to deposit currently is $25 USD. However, if at anytime you don't feel satisfied with the service provided, you can ask for a refund of the remaining balance on your account.

What is my Main Account SIP password ?

The main account SIP password by default is the same as your customer portal password. If you have not changed the SIP password, it is the same password you use to log into your portal. To change this password please refer to our Account Settings page: Settings Security

Does VoIP.ms offer Call transfers ?

VoIP.ms does offer Call transfers, this needs to be requested to the VoIP.ms staff, it is not a setting you can enable from the customer portal.

Does VoIP.ms offer wholesale rates ?

If you are interested on a discount based on Traffic usage or volume, please send an email to sales@voip.ms providing all details (destinations you need to call, average of minutes used per month), in order to receive proper information.

Does VoIP.ms apply taxes ?

All customers with Canada as country will pay for the tax called GST. The customers who are also from Quebec in Canada will pay an additional province tax, PST. This applies for both Paypal and CC payments. The HST will get applied on Canadian provinces that use it.

In order to get further details about how these are applied, feel free to check this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_Canada

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