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Ekiga Softphone

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Configuration Details

  • Start the Ekiga Softphone

Ekiga - Starting

  • Go to Menu Edit and select Accounts option.

Ekiga - Edit -> Accounts

  • Now go to Menu Accounts and select Add a SIP Account

Ekiga - Accounts -> Add a SIP Account

  • Fill in the information according to your account
    • Name: John Smith (Your Name)
    • Registrar: atlanta.voip.ms (One of our multiple servers)
    • User: 100000: (Your VoIP.ms Account)
    • Authentication User: 100000 (Your VoIP.ms Account)
    • Password: ********** (Account Password)
  • Click on OK Button

Ekiga - SIP Settings

  • Now Click on Close Button

Ekiga - Close

  • You are now ready to start making calls

Ekiga - Make Calls

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