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What is DISA ?

Direct Inward System Access ( DISA ) allows you to use our system for placing outgoing calls, even if you are not close to any device where you are registering your account or sub account. In this case you just would need to dial to your DID number and to provide a 4 digits PIN number, then you can dial out to any number in the world under our termination rates.


Setup DISA

How you can create a DISA entry

1) Please login on the customer portal, then go to DID numbers -> DISA. There you will see this:


2) Once you click on button "Add DISA" you will be able to see this:


- DISA Name: Here you can enter the name which best describes this entry.

- DISA PIN: It is a 4 digits number that you will need to provide in order to get dial tone.

- Digit Timeout: The maximum amount of time( in seconds ) our system will wait between digits.

- CallerID Number Override: Here you can set the number you want that people receive when you dial out from DISA.

3) Once you enter all this information, you would need to click on button "Save" to see DISA entry in this way:


Where you can use a DISA entry

You can use a DISA entry for:

1) Routing your DID number.

2) Pointing one extension of a Digital Recepcionist ( IVR ).

3) Setting as destination into a Time Condition, or

4) Routing a call according what you set on the CallerID Filtering.

IMPORTANT NOTE : From DISA you can dial out to any number you want or to a Speed Dial Entry you have created in your phone book, per example: 
*75XX and then press the pound key (#) or simply wait for the duration of the "Digit Time-out", and our system will place the call.
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