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DID Troubleshooting

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"When I call my DID number, it is not reaching the destination I expect"... This is a common situation when talking about VoIP services. The proper way to test your DID Number with VoIP.ms is using the echo test application in the customer portal. With this feature you can verify if your number is working properly.


How to test your DID with Sound Quality Test

You can use this tool and follow these steps:


Once your number is routed to the echo test mode, make a call from an external number, preferably a landline. If the number is working properly, you will reach the echo test. After the recording, you can talk and the system will repeat everything you say. This verifies the quality of your line. If this test is successful, we can rule out any issues associated with the DID number itself. If you are unable to reach the DID while it is routed to echo test then please let the support staff know via ticket.

Note: If possible, try to repeat this test from at least 2-3 different times to rule out any issues with the calling party.

Trouble shooting

If you are able to reach the echo test recording while DID is in echo test, then the next possible reason for the unsuccessful calls could be something in your local network, VoIP.ms settings in your customer portal, or the device configuration can be affecting the function of our number. There are some important points we need to check for this.

VoIP.ms portal





Note: In both cases, make sure the setting NAT is set to Yes, this applies for the Main and Sub Account settings.

Device configuration

Sometime ATA devices lose registration after some time, usually because the local network closes the connection. Most devices have settings to prevent this.

Network configuration

When following this trouble shooting we can identify possible causes of an issue with our incoming calls, however will also be important to make use of the available options such "Failover" so we can keep receiving calls until we find a solution with our main route.

Failover options

On the Manage DID(s) section, enter again to edit the DID number settings. Under Routing, you will find a link to enable your Failover options, click on the link to display them. You will find 3 different options to set:

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