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Our Connect program is a forever-evolving program that we have launched to allow our customers to easily integrate to the tools that they like.

Note that at this time, we only offer the option for Dropbox, but the other services like Google Drive and 
OneDrive will be available soon. More services will become available in the future!

Additionally, if you have already developed some integrations using our SOAP and REST/JSON API and you would like to
share it with our team so that we can potentially make it available to all of our customers, reach out to our team at We can't wait to see what you have!.



Dropbox is a file hosting service, permitting you to upload files onto the cloud and thus, carrying with you your file virtually anywhere it would be required and without depending on the hardware that could eventually go defect. For further information on signing up: Dropbox

Integrating Dropbox to your account will allow you to manually or automatically backup your files for the following:

  • Call Recordings
  • Voicemail
  • Conference recordings
  • Faxes

To start leveraging this integration, head over to your customer portal, then > Main Menu > "Connect Services".


1) You will have the option to connect your account to dropbox. Press Connect button to proceed.


2) Then, you will land on a page confirming if you wish to proceed on the integration of your Dropbox integration, press "Continue".


3) Afterward, Dropbox will ask if you wish to allow to gain its own folder under Apps > which you can proceed by clicking "Allow".

Stay assured that does not have any other access and that this is required in order to upload the information into the right folder.


4) After completing the integration, you will have the option to enable/disable what you wish to receive in Dropbox.


Upload options to your Dropbox

As previously mentioned, you will be able to either manually upload the desired files or automatically upload them. This will either let you selectively choose what you wish to upload or just upload everything at once that happened during the day.

Automatic Upload

The options selected under the *Automatic Upload* section will be automatically uploaded every 12 hours into your dropbox account without any actions required from your end.

Manual upload

Manually uploading will require you to head into the desired options and specify which files you would like to upload.

Here are some examples:

Audio Conferencing

By heading into your portal > DID Numbers > Audio Conferencing and then pressing CONFERENCE DOWNLOAD.png Downloads next to the desired audio conference, you will have the ability to upload each recording individually.


Call Recording

By heading into your portal > DID Numbers > Call Recording, you will have the option next to each recordings to upload the desired file into Dropbox.



By heading into your portal > DID Numbers > Voicemail and then by clicking the blue icon VM BLUE ICON.png to view the list of voicemails related to the mailbox, you will have the option to upload the desired voicemail messages.


Virtual Fax

By heading into your portal > DID Numbers > Virtual Fax > MYFAXES ICON.png My Faxes, you will be able to upload any faxes received or sent.

Fax Connect Dropbox link.png
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