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Cloud Communications – Increasing Customer Acquisition and Retention for Startups

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Cloud Communications – Increasing Customer Acquisition and Retention for Startups

Customers have empowered themselves with the internet and can do their own research to compare services and products online, requiring companies to have a competitive edge to stand out beyond this. Thus, how businesses build relationships with their customers goes a long way in the prospective customer choosing them over the competition.

For a customer to feel that they are valued they require prompt communication services from the business end. By improving the way you provide customer service, your startup can improve upon different facets like customer acquisition, retention and ultimately the overall bottom line of the business – to generate profits. And one way to achieve this is through cloud communications.

1. Personalized Experience

Business can achieve customer loyalty only when they take an extra step in building a friendly relationship. Using the IVR functionality of VoIP phones, a business can offer personalized experiences to their customers by greeting them friendly and heartwarming pre-recorded messages. Callers do not like to wait on the call, while one of your business representatives redirects them to the concerned department.
Using cloud communication and VoIP, provide them a list of options (after initial greeting) and let them choose and talk to the concerned department without waiting for longer period of times. IVR functionality reduces the overhead cost and waiting time considerably. This in return helps startups and small business in retaining the existing customers, while acquiring new ones.

2. Improved Call Routing

Making good impression is what makes the customer stay loyal to the business and VoIP telephony system will ensure that your business creates a lasting impression on your customers. With an easy to use, call routing feature, startups can transfer the call to the right person very quick without any hassle, that the customer won't ever doubt businesses capacity to resolve their issues.
Doing so will ensure that each and every customer of your startup or small business is assisted by an expert all the time, leaving a lasting impression on them. On the customers part, knowing that an expert is there to assist them every time they face issues, will make them stick with the startup much longer than otherwise.

3. Analyzing Customer Preferences

One of the key benefits that businesses and startups can gain from the implementation of VoIP and cloud communication for their business – is that instant access to reports and insights from the calls that were made on their network. These reports can be full of information and untapped details, which can then be used to analyze the different aspects of successful sales that are helping in customer acquisition and retention.
Using this information, your startup can boost sales by further impressing customers with a proven strategy. Deducting the likes and dislikes of the customer, allows the business to solely focus on what customers are liking the most – thus improving customer acquisition and retention percentage.
All these factors discussed above help to provide exceptional customer experience that in return create a more meaningful brand. Cloud communication certainly goes a long way in delivering a higher percentage of customer acquisition and retention.


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