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Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960

Configuration from the phone's settings menu

  1. Press **# to unlock the Configuration Protection
    • Some firmware versions must be unlocked by pressing the "Settings" button, scrolling down to the "Unlock Phone" option and pressing the "Select" softkey
  2. Press Settings button
  3. Go to "Network Configuration" to set the IP connectivity
  4. Go to SIP Configuration
  5. Select "Line 1"
    1. In Name and Authentication Name enter your username(e.g. 100000)
    2. Enter your password
    3. Enter any of the servers (e.g. as Proxy Address
    4. Configure Preferred Codec to g711u
    5. Press Back
    6. Press Save to apply changes.

As an additional recommendation, Set "NAT enabled" to Yes, and on the "NAT address" parameter, enter the External (publicly addressable) IP address of Router or firewall if, any.

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