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If you want a solution to manage your incoming calls, and have your customer(s) wait on the line while an agent picks up the call, you need to create a Calling Queue entry, this will permit you to have many calls in hold, queued calls in First In, First Out order until agents become available.

Queues consist of:

Agents are the people (or person) that answer call(s) that have been placed into a specific Queue. An agent logs in indicating that s/he is now ready to take calls. Transfers an inbound call to a queue, which is then in turn transfered to an available agent.

Members are those channels that are active answering the Queue. It can be agents or normal channels.


In go to your Customer Portal >> DID Numbers >> Calling Queues

Screenshot (11h 41m 41s).jpg

And then go to "Create New Call Queue"

Screenshot 2.jpg

Now your are going to start a new configuration:

Queue Information


Queue Options

Screenshot 4.jpg

      -Yes: Callers can join a queue with no members or only unavailable members.
      -Strict: Callers cannot join a queue with no members or only unavailable members.
      -No: Callers cannot join a queue with no members.
      -Yes: Callers are sent to the failover when there are no members. 
      -Strict: Callers are sent to failover if there are members but non of theme is available. 
      -No: Callers will remain in the queue even if there are no members.

Calls are distributed among the members handling a queue with one of several strategies, defined in queues.conf

   -Ringall:: ring all available channels until one answers (default)
   -Leastrecent:: ring interface which was least recently called by this queue
   -Fewestcalls:: ring the one with fewest completed calls from this queue
   -Random:: ring random interface
   -Round Robin Memory:: round robin with memory, remember where we left off last ring pass

Announcements and Fail Over

Screenshot 5.jpg

We are finished now click on the Save Queue.

How to use

If you want get access to your Call queue ,dial *11, at the prompt, dial queue ID and password if you set. E.G If i want log to the "call queue 1" I dial *11 >> Option 1 >> Password (optional).

If you want logout from the call queue, dial *12, at the prompt, dial queue ID. E.G If i want logout to the "call queue 1" I dial *12 >> Option 1.

If you want edit your queue please go in the calling queues section to Manage Existing Call Queues >> Edit Queue Settings.

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