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A Call Forwarding allows an incoming call to be redirected to a mobile telephone or other telephone number where the desired called party is able to answer. You can set any number, even international numbers.


Setup a Call Forward

Create the Call Forwarding entry

The first step would be to create a Call Forwarding entry, you can do this at your Customer Portal>> DID Numbers>> Call Forwarding.


Call fwd page.JPG

After that you only need to click on the "Add Forwarding" button and you will see the follow screen:


Phone Number: Enter here the phone number in what you want to redirected the incoming calls to your DID. For USA or Canada numbers you can set the number with 10 digits or even using the prefix 1, for example 403XXXXXXX or 1403XXXXXXX will give you the same result. For international numbers please make sure to enter the number with prefix 00 or 011 (e.g. 0052999XXXXXXX for a number in Mexico), you can also use the 033 or 044 to override the Value or Premium route. Also make sure that you have enable the International Calls in your Account.

CallerID Override: This setting is optional and it lets you send the Caller ID of your choice to the destination in order to recognize where the call comes from, please note that the caller ID number reliability will depend on the route you're using and for International Routes the Caller ID is not 100% guaranteed.

For example lets say that you have your Cellphone set as call forward, you can put your DID number as caller ID override this way when you see an incoming call in your cellphone from the DID number, you will known that this is a call from Alternately if you leave this setting blank, you will receive the caller ID number of the person calling your DID number.

Description: This is also optional, and this can help you identify a particular Call Forwarding entry.

DTMF Digits: This setting is optional, and would allow you to enter the digits that would be passed once the call is connected to your call forward number. For example, you can forward a number to an Digital Receptionist (IVR) and pass an extension number this way.

Pause: The amount of seconds the system would wait before it sends the DTMF digits you set with the option above. This is also an optional Setting.

Route incoming calls from DID to your Call Forwarding

Once you have created a call forwarding entry, you can assign it to many DID numbers as you want without needing to create it again. You need to go to your Customer Portal >> DID Numbers >> Manage DID.

You need to select the DID number you want to forward and then click on Edit DID button (the icon with the pencil), also you can select more than one DID and click on the Edit Selection buttons.

At this point you should be in the Edit DID Settings page, the only setting you should be change is the Routing. You need to select the Call Forwarding option and then select the number from the dropdown menu on the right.


To finish only apply the changes and you should have the Call Forwarding working for the DID.


Please note that when you forward a call, normal inbound charges apply according to your DID plan and the normal termination rate is also applied for the destination number for the duration of the call. For example let say that you have a DID from Dallas with the Per minute plan (incoming rate at $0.01) and you forward the call to an US cellphone number, the forward call will be charged as follow:

    (incoming rate of the DID number) + (termination rate to the destination) = (total cost of call)
    $0.01 + $0.0105 = $0.0205 per minute with the Value Route.
    $0.01 + $0.0125 = $0.0225 per minute with the Premium Route.

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