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The initialization of the Buddy Talk BT110 device is separated in 3 stages. Wifi Setup, Amazon Alexa Setup then the SIP Telephony Setup.

In order to configure your VoIP.ms sub-account with your Buddy Talk BT110, you must have completed the first two stages.

After completing the first 2 stages, you will be able to set up your VoIP.ms sub-account to your devices.

Buddy Talk BT110 Add VoIPms SubAccount.jpg
Name: You need to enter your outbound Caller ID Name (In CAPITAL LETTERS, without special characters and not longer than 15 characters. Spaces are allowed)
Account ID: Enter your Sub-account username.
Auth ID: Reenter your Sub-Account username.
Password: This will be the password associated with your sub-account.
Domain: Your preferred VoIP.ms PoP server. (eg. montreal3.voip.ms)
Outbound proxy: toggle switch
Proxy: (FQDN or IP address with optional port address of the SIP proxy)
Local SIP Port: You can use the default port 5060, or one of our alternative ports such as 5080, 42872.
For the call encryption over SIP-TLS, please see the note below
Preferred transport: You can use the default UDP protocol.
For the call encryption over SIP-TLS, please see the note below

NOTE: To use the call encryption over SIP-TLS, you must enable the Encrypted SIP Traffic in your sub-account Advanced Options and use the following settings.
  • Local SIP Port: Use the default port 5061 or one of our alternative ports such as 5081 or 42873.
  • Preferred transport: You need to select the TLS transport protocol.

When the SIP registration is successful that the Phone icon in the upper left corner will switch to green, indicating successful registration also you will see the phone LED on the top of the device, changing from RED to GREEN then OFF.

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