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Bria Solo provides desktop and mobile softphone applications that facilitate best-in-class calling and robust call control features. Whether used for inbound or outbound calls, Bria makes it easy to integrate contacts from various sources, streamline communications, and manage calls from one easy-to-use interface.

Visit: to sign up.


Tutorial Video

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When you sign up for the first time to Bria Solo, you will be assisting through every step in order to set up your Bria Solo Apps.

BriaSolo Welcome.jpg

Choose your Voice Account

Select the option Select from Providers, in order to have the setup configuration. This will simplify your configuration process.

BriaSolo Setup VoiceAccount.jpg

Providers List

You will find, in the providers list.

BriaSolo Choose VoIPms ITSP.jpg SIP Credentials

At this step, you will need to your sub account credentials in order to receive and make calls.

BriaSolo Configure Credential.jpg

  • DOMAIN: It will be your preferred PoP Server. Note: In order to receive incoming calls, your DID needs to be on the same pop server as your current account
  • SIP USERNAME: Your sub-account username.
  • AUTHORIZATION USERNAME: Your sub-account username.
  • SIP/VOICE PASSWORD: Your sub-account's password.
  • CALL DISPLAY: This is your Outbound Caller ID Name, that will be displayed.

Done! Install Bria Solo

Now you can download the Bria Solo application on your device. Once downloaded and installed, you will need to use your Bria account credentials.

BriaSolo DownloadApps.jpg

Multiple registrations in Bria Solo

Bria Solo allows you to register up to 5 SIP accounts to use on your PC/Mac, tablets, and smartphones, however, to avoid conflicts with the registration and problems with inbound calls it is necessary to enable some settings in Bria's Dashboard.

First, you need to go to Bria's Dashboard and click on "Edit Configuration".


Then, from the tab "Service compatibility" check the 2 boxes at the end.

(Note: If the accounts you will add have the same password do not check the second box. Keep in mind is not recommended use the same password for the sub-accounts)
Bria Solo Service Compatibility Configuration.png

After the previous step, in the General configuration, you will see a second tab for "Registration 2" and "+" to add more.

In this tab you have to enter the username and password of the sub-account you will add.

Bria Solo Service Multiple Registrations 2.png
(Note: Bria will assign the sub-accounts in the order the devices get registered. 
For example, if you register Bria in a Windows PC first this will use the first sub-account and the next device will use the following sub-account for the registration)

Call Encryption TLS/SRTP

Bria supports call encryption. To set up this is necessary to enable "Encrypted SIP traffic" for the account you are using.

If you decide to use SIP TLS - call encryption along with Bria Solo please follow these steps:

1. Make sure your Main account or sub-account has "Encrypted SIP Traffic" enabled.

Bear in mind, if this setting is enabled and your device sends UDP/TCP or RTP you will be rejected with error code 488.

Enable this setting for the Main Account at Main Menu>> Account settings>> Advanced tab.

Click to enlarge

For a sub-account enable it at Sub accounts>> Manage sub-accounts by clicking on the orange icon with a pen and finally click at "Advanced Options (Click here to display)".

Click to enlarge

2. Now that your account/sub-account has this setting enabled, your Bria Solo only needs to use the port 5061 and send TLS and SRTP.

To change the port to 5061, in Bria's dashboard go to Edit configuration>> General tab and at Port enter 5061.

Bria Solo Encryption Port.png

To enable TLS, in Bria's dashboard go to Edit configuration>> Service Settings tab and at Transport select TLS and for SRTP select Enabled.

Bria Solo Encryption Service configuration.png

That's it. With this done the traffic will be encrypted.

News & Updates from Counterpath

License Server Migration

CounterPath will be migrating the license server and portal that supports your Bria Teams service as part of a staged rollout. As long as customers are using updated versions of our Bria apps and have not previously had to add our License Server IPs to pass traffic through their firewalls, this migration should be seamless.

Customers that have previously restricted their firewalls to specific CounterPath License Server IPs must update their allowlists to include the full table of current and new IPs. In addition, Customers should update to the latest versions of the Bria apps if they've not already done so. With these aforementioned steps in place, during the migration, Bria clients will continue to operate without disruption.


Maintenance activity will be conducted in stages as follows:

Customer Migration Test #1 February 11, 2023 (Saturday 9pm to 10pm PST) 1 hour swap of URLs between our License Servers for Customers and CounterPath to identify any pending customer allowlists

Customer Migration Test #2 March 7, 2023 (Tuesday 9pm to 10pm PST) 1 hour swap of URLs between our License Servers for Customers and CounterPath to identify any remaining pending customer allowlists

License Server Migration April 11, 2023 (Tuesday 9pm to 11pm PST) Permanent swap of URLs between our old and new License Servers

Decommissioning of Legacy License Server May 9, 2023 (Tuesday 9pm to 10pm PST) Permanent swap of URLs for our backup License Server

Current License Server Domains (unchanged):


Revised License Server IP table:

  • (current)
  • (current)
  • (current)
  • (new additional)
  • (new additional)
  • (new additional)
  • (new additional)
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