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Bria for Android

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Once you launch the Bria Mobile App you will be prompted to configure an account, tap "Add Account" (the + sign).

You will see a provider's list, you can tap the "search" icon and write "", the option will be displayed after that, then just select it by taping it.

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Once you have done the steps above, a new view will be displayed with the account's details, you now need to fullfil the information required:

Display As: This value is used to set the CallerID name. You can leave it blank. (If entered, you need to indicate it in capital letters, Max of 15 characters, no special characters, spaces are allowed.)
Username (Your Account or sub account): Enter the account number (six digits), or a sub account's ID (e.g. 100000 or 100000_XXX).
Password: Enter the SIP account's password
Domain: Enter the address of one of the several servers of, e.g.:
By default the domain has only, it is needed that you put the server you will use there, otherwise you will not be able to register

Tap the "Ready" icon and you will be back to the account's view, if all the information is correct, you will see a green icon which indicates you are registered

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Click Here For Desktop Version 3: Bria Desktop

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