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Bria for Android

Configuration Samples

Configuring Bria for Android is pretty simple. Here I'll include a walk-through of how to provision an OnSIP account with OnSIP specific settings. The steps here are standard, and can be followed to set up any account with slight modifications.

First, you will need your OnSIP user credentials. These can be found under the User Tab within your OnSIP Web Admin portal.

               Phone Configuration 
                      User Name: Your SIP Account Number
                      Password: Your SIP Account Password
                      Domain: (one of our servers)
                      Outbound Proxy: (the same server than domain)
                      Authorization Name: Your SIP Account Number

Bria android settings.jpg

Next go into "Account Advanced" at the bottom the "Account Settings" Page. Uncheck 'Global IP'. "Single Register" makes sure that the softphone unregisters before re-registering. Make sure that the "SIP Transport" method is 'UDP' and that "Encrypt Audio" is set to "Never".

Go back to your "Account Settings" page and click the "Log in" button at the very bottom.

If you want to allow calls over 3G, you can do so under Settings >> User Preferences.

Ease of Use

Like the iPhone Bria, the Android version comes with 4 main screens. The first screen is the dialer, which looks as lot like the phone client you find on the Android OS. As you might expect, there's a field at the top of the dialing screen where you can input SIP URIs.

Bria android dialing screen2.jpg

During a call, you can access another dialing menu for DTMF, mute yourself, put the call on speaker, put the call on hold, or add another call. If you choose to add another call, you are given the option to perform a blind transfer to the second number. Bria for Android can manage up to two simultaneous calls.

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