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Benefits of Having a Toll-free Number for Your Business

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Benefits of Having a Toll-free Number for Your Business

A toll-free number can be a vital asset for your business, regardless of the size of your company. So, here is our question, does your company have a toll-free number? If not, why not? The benefits of having a toll-free number are endless, which goes beyond and above the obvious credibility and brand recognition. Toll-free numbers can prove to be a genuine asset for a company by helping to improve sales and ROI. Following are some benefits of having a toll-free number for your business.

1. Great Portability

Are you in a situation or have you ever been in a situation where you had to relocate your business? Well, toll-free numbers are location independent. Your customers won't even realize that your business has been relocated. All your customers can still reach out to your business, regardless of where you are relocated. This can be easily done by using the call forwarding functionality to any phone number possible.

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction

There is nothing worse for a business than customers who cannot find the number to reach out to customer service with a query they have. Such a situation can be really frustrating for customers and it can certainly harm the credibility of your business in matter of seconds. Having a toll-free number will allow your present and potential customers to get in touch with your customer service, thus improving their satisfaction. Having a toll-free number is the easiest way to answer all questions that a customer may have. Moreover, customers can call any time of the day without any related costs.

3. Easier to Remember

Toll-free numbers are the easiest numbers to remember. If you have a vanity number, then it becomes even easier for customers to remember it. People find it easier to remember 1-800- DENTIST as opposed to 1-800-336-8478. Thus, making toll-free numbers a powerful marketing tool… read more about vanity numbers on our Wiki at or order yours now by going in our customer portal, hit “Order DIDs” under the “DID Numbers” menu and hit “Vanity Numbers”!

4. Marketing Tool

While vanity numbers can be a powerful marketing technique, toll-free numbers also allow businesses to track the source of the lead. Each number can be used to track the results of your campaigns. For instance, you could use one number for a print, another for a specific web page and so on. The idea could also be used for A/B testing… you could work with your team to create two web pages with the exact same content, but with a different layout. Each web page would have its own toll-free number; hence your results would be easy to track. Knowing which campaign is working the best for your business will definitely allow you to focus where it matters and thus generate more leads in the coming future.


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