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After you have logged in to your device configuration screen, please enter the following information.

Configuration Details

Step 1

Under Voice Over IP (VoIP) >> Providers, enter the following:

Domain: (Replace with the address of one of the multiple servers from

Registrar: (Replace with the address of one of the multiple servers from

Port: 5060


Auerswald 5010 1.jpg

Step 2

Under the next tab Voice Over IP (VoIP) >> Accounts, enter the following:

Select the provider that you have entered on Step 1 (Voipms), then under Kind of Connection select PTMP Connection, finally click the button Configure.

Aureswald 5010 2.png

Now on the following screen, set the following.

Account Name: The name that was chosen in Setup Account 1

Country Prefix: E.g. 001 for NAMP or 01141 for Switzerland

Area code: 201 for New York

Country: Technically the country that correspondence with the country prefix, however there is a back in this version of the firmware and only "Germany" can be chosen. It does not have any effect on the functionality

Exchange line access number (account number): The internal number in the PBX for this account. Can be used to dial-out directly and override the set up for external line preference

User name: 100000 (your username)

Password: ********* (account password)

Authorization ID: Can be left blank

Multiple subscriber numbers (MSNs): The phone number(s) chosen/assigned by

Display name: Assign a unique display name (16 characters max.) for the MSN

Ringer rhythm: Optionally, you can select the ringer rhythm that should be used for the MS

Aureswald 5010 3.png

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guides directly from Auerswald, you may find the user and admin manual guides below:

User Manual : Download PDF

Admin Manual : Download PDF

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