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The Audio Conferencing feature allows several people to dial into your DID number to be bridged together in the same conversation.
Audio Conferencing provides the host with a dashboard monitor that allows organizers to monitor and control different aspects of the conference call in real time. Press the “Start Recording” button to get a recording of your conference call that you can listen and download after for any purposes.
Start using the Audio Conferencing feature by clicking the “Add Conference” button to create an entry. Once your conference entry is ready you can route your DID number to it from the Manage DIDs > Edit interface to start receiving calls into your conference.

Note: Conference feature is only available to DID Numbers in Per Minute plan.



Member Profile Basic Options


Member Profile Advanced Options


This setting affects different options:

1) Audio is only mixed out of a user's incoming audio stream if talking is detected. If this value is set too loose, the users will hear themselves briefly each time they begin talking until enough time has passed for the system to establish that they are in fact talking.
2) This value determines when talking has begun, which causes events to trigger in the conference dashboard. If this value is set too tight, events may be falsely triggered by the background noise of the caller.
3) The "Drop Silence" option depends on this value to determine when the user's audio should be mixed into the conference after periods of silence. If this value is too loose, the beginning of a user's speech will get cut off as they transition from silence to talking.

The best way to use this option is to set it slightly above the maximum amount of milliseconds of silence a user may generate during natural speech, i.e. the regular pauses while speaking. Recommended value is 2500 MS.

This setting affects different options:
1) This value determines when the user has stopped talking after a period of talking. If this value is set too low, events in the conference dashboard indicating that the user has stopped talking may get falsely sent out when the user briefly pauses during mid sentence.
2) The "Drop Silence" option depends on this value to determine when the user's audio should begin to be dropped from the conference, after the user stops talking. If this value is set too low, the user's audio stream may sound choppy to other participants.

Conference Dashboard

Dashboard allows to record the conference call. Call recording service has a rate of $0.0025 per minute


The Dashboard allows the user to download and hear the call recordings directly from the user interface.


The option to send the call recording over email is also available. Simply input the target email address and click "Send Email" button.


Conference Recordings

Additional Phone Options

The following are additional advanced options native of asterisk.

For a Regular user:


For an Admin user:

*2=admin_toggle_conference_lock ; only applied to admin users
2=admin_toggle_conference_lock  ; only applied to admin users
*3=admin_kick_last       ; only applied to admin users
3=admin_kick_last        ; only applied to admin users
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