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What is the Audio Conferencing

The Audio Conferencing feature allows several people to dial into your DID number to be bridged together in the same conversation.
Audio Conferencing provides the host with a dashboard monitor that allows organizers to monitor and control different aspects of the conference call in real time.

Press the “Start Recording” button to get a recording of your conference call that you can listen and download after for any purposes.
Start using the Audio Conferencing feature by clicking the “Add Conference” button to create an entry.

Once your conference entry is ready you can route your DID number to it from the navigation menu DID Numbers > Manage DIDs > Edit the number you want to route, to start receiving calls into your conference.

⚠ Note: Conference feature is only available to DID Numbers in Per Minute plan.
Calls entering the Audio Conferencing are billed each one independently according to the regular per minute rate of the DID number 
for the whole duration that participant remained in the conference.
The Call recording service has a rate of $0.0025 per minute, for the final duration of the recording. 
The per minute chargescan be consulted at the Call Detail Records.


Add a New Conference


Click on the "Add Conference" button to start creating your Audio Conferencing entry.



For your new conference, you need to create a member profil, click on the other TAB "Participants and conference settings"

Participants and conference settings

This is the list of all member profiles for all conferences. To add a member profile to this conference, simply check the box next to his/her name.


Add Member Profile

For your conference, you need to link a profil to your new conferences. In this way, you will apply some settings.

What you need to know before creating a profil.

 IMPORTANT: We highly suggest you to use a PIN # to connect the user into your conferences, to preventing undesirable caller 
  NOTE: You can have more than one profil per conference, but ONLY 1, can have a unlock profil (Profil without PIN #). a PIN number can be only used by ONE profil. 
   When the caller called to your conference, a PIN number can be ask. The PIN entered will be reflected the
    If you select an unlocked profil with an other profil set with a PIN #. The Profile without PIN # will be used by default if the participants do not enter a PIN.
Basic Options


Note: The usage of the pound key after the PIN number to join the conference can be included
or excluded depending on your configuration, for instance, if all the members to the conference
are granted with a PIN code with the same amount of digits, they won't be requested to dial pound
key, however if one of the members does have a larger PIN code, other members will require to dial 
the pound key to access the conference.

Advanced Options


Select your profiles

After creating your profile, (You can create more than one profile, for each


Customise recordings prompt

In this section, you can customize each recording prompt used in the conference. Beforehand you must have uploaded a recording file. To know how, please visit this article Recordings.


Link a DID number to your conference

You need to link a DID to your new conference to use this feature. You need to navigate through the navigation bar and select "DID Numbers" > "Manage DID(s)".

Then, in the column "Actions" click on the button edit Edit icon.png, for the row of the DID you need to use with this conference.


After you chose the DID you want to link to your conference. You need to route it to a conference. Then, save your choice at the bottom of the page, by clicking on the button "Click here to apply changes".


Conference Dashboard

The dashboard will allow the user to have a graphical interface of the participants in the conference call, providing additional options for the admins.


The Dashboard will also offer the "Start Recording" option, making it possible to record the call by the whole duration of the call recording service was active.

Call recording service has a rate of $0.0025 per minute, for the duration of the recording. The per minute charges will appear in the CDR.

You also have the "Lock conference" option, which allows you to block access to this conference. Otherwise, no new members can join the conference.

View statistics will allow you to see the conference statistics such as numbers or parties if the conference is locked and the maximum of members allowed.

On each participant, you will be able to see his caller ID name and number if it is available. Also, you have the possibility to mute the participant or kick-out the participant of the conference.


Record your conference

During a conference, if you have activated the Start recording option, you will be able to listen to it in this section by clicking on the option "Downloads"


The "Downloads" button opens a screen that allows the user to download, listen and send the recordings directly from the user interface.


The option AudioConference-play.png allows you listen the recording directly from your navigator.

The option AudioConference-cloud.png allows you to download the recording directly to your device.

The option AudioConference-email.png if you want to send the recording over email. Simply input the target email address and click "Send Email" button.



Direct Phone Key options In The Conference

The following option can be done directly in the conference, by the phone directly. This will depend if setting of the user profile, has been set as admin or not.

For a Regular user

 * to hear options
 [1] Mute or Unmute yourself
 [4] Decreast volume of the conference
 [6] Increast the volume of the conference 
 [7] Decreast your volume
 [9] Increast your volume
 [8] Exit

For an Admin user

 * to hear options
 [1] mute yourself  [2] Lock or Unlock the conference
 [3] Eject the last user
 [4] Decreast volume of the conference
 [6] Increast the volume of the conference 
 [7] Decreast your volume
 [9] Increast your volume
 [8] Exit
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