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Atcom AG188N


User´s Manual

Accessing Your Device´s Configuration Page:

Get the IP Address to access your AG-188N from the handset:

First please pick up the handset and dial #*111#

Then you will hear the AG-188N’s IP address, please write it down.

Enter the AG-188N’s IP address into a web browser and press enter, then you can access AG-188N’s web manage interface.

Remember the account login is admin/admin for administrator and guest/guest for user. 

SIP Configuration Section:

Configuration Screen

Atcom AG188N Configuration Screen

Known Issues with this Device:

Problems when dialing *97 for Voicemail:

With one phone hooked to the ‘phone’ jack, you can dial a star code to access the PSTN line instead of the SIP/IAX configured on the ATA. So, one analog phone enables you to use either SIP/IAX or the PSTN. However, people using the ATA with Asterisk have a problem when they want to dial Asterisk * codes like *97 for voicemail (as the * takes you to PSTN). The solution is to delete the “lifeline *T” option from “Dial-Peer” menu.

Guide Links

In the event where you need the guide directly from Atcom, you may find the user manual guide below:

User Manual : Download PDF

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