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Applications of VoIP for Multi-Location Businesses

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Applications of VoIP for Multi-Location Businesses

The growth of online commerce, technology and globalization have created an international pool of talent which is available to businesses throughout the world and are continuously contributing to the development of multi-location businesses. These might include offices, branches, homes based, mobile and remote workers. Keeping all such aspects of a business smoothly coordinated, in touch and operating in tandem with each other requires efficient planning, management, and authentic communications.

Cloud-based communication solutions like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), can contribute largely towards the seamless operations of multi-location businesses. Following are different applications of VoIP for multi-location businesses.

1. Corporate Branding

VoIP provides multi-location businesses the tools to maintain and create a consistent corporate image across the different scope of operations. Virtual telephone numbers allow businesses to establish their presence in a specific location by using regional, local or international area codes to serve consumers in those places. Adoption of vanity numbers and toll-free numbers for public display also becomes a marketing mean for the business (learn more about vanity numbers on our Wiki at:

2. Call Transfer Capabilities

With a single virtual PBX system, it provides businesses the ability to connect with their telecommunications system via the common platform which is hosted on the Internet. Transferring calls from one office location to another office location is easy and quick. While the call is being transferred, the caller ID displaying for the consumer remains the same, regardless of where the person attending the call is from.

3. Scaling Up or Down

A hosted PBX system allows businesses to remove or add as many extension lines as required by its workforce, wherever its business may be located in the world. Scaling up and down of the services can be completed within a matter of minutes.

4. Business Continuity

VoIP and Hosted PBX systems provide the capabilities like transfers and re-routing of the calls to ensure that multi-location business remains available to all of its customers at all the time. With disaster recovery and redundancy measures in place, it ensures that the business is always up and running with seamless continuity, in event of unforeseen circumstances.

5. Cost Savings

One of the major applications of VoIP which dictates why many businesses are moving their communications to the cloud is the cost saving option that VoIP provides. Rather than purchasing, managing and installing a separate PBX system for all different locations where the business has its presence, single communication solution like VoIP is far cheaper and suitable. It eliminates all the unnecessary costs and hassles.

Whether it's ease of communication, strong branding, business continuity plan, savings or all the above, VoIP will certainly meet the needs of your business. Especially if you are physically deployed in several locations.


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