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This is a guide for the native Android SIP Client that is included with Android 4.1.1. We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all future Android releases since settings may change. We recommend the use of a wifi connection with these features, instead of a 3G connection. You also could be billed for your data usage if used over 3G/EDGE.

While it can be used with our services (because is a SIP client) we do not recommend to do so
since it has known compatibility issues that could cause call issues like:
* Audio codecs cannot be changed.
* Register Expires cannot be lowered (default is 60 which is higher than recommended and cause registration issues)
* Switching from mobile data to WiFi cause registration issues making mandatory to reboot the cellphone


Step 1

Launching the Android SIP Client

To open the Android SIP Client begin by tapping on the Phone icon in your app drawer.

Android sip client 01.jpg

Step 2

Navigate to the SIP account details screen

Bring up the Settings menu by tapping on the three dots.

Android sip client 02.jpg

On the Call Settings page, scroll down to the Accounts option and select it.

Android sip client 03.jpg

From the Internet calling (SIP) accounts screen, select: Add Account, near the bottom.

Android sip client 04.jpg

Step 3

Configuring your account

Android sip client 05.jpg

Tap Save after you have entered the pictured information. You should now be ready to use our service with this configuration. Feel free to dial our free Echo Test: 4443, as a test call.

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