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Configuration Details

  • Start the Acrobits App
  • Once the Acrobits App has started, click on New SIP Account to start the configuration.

Acrobits 1.jpg

  • Now Click on Generic SIP Account.

Acrobits 2.jpg

You will need to fill the information for your account:

  • Title: Select a Title for this account E.G.
  • Username: You account or sub account username (six digit number) E.G 123456 / 123456_XX (the underscore has to be used for sub-accounts)
  • Password: The password you set for the account / sub account
  • Domain: Any of the several servers (Your choice), for instance:
  • Display Name: This will be the Caller ID Name for your outbound calls (optional, this may not apply for US phones)

Finally click on the "Save" button and you will be able to start using on the Acrobits App.

If you need assistance during the configuration don't hesitate to contact support.

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