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5 Tips to Engage With Your Customers through Messaging

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5 Tips to Engage With Your Customers through Messaging

SMS/MMS marketing has become an effective tool for customer engagement for both small and large businesses. It allows creating a deeper connection with the customers through a two-way exchange of information, rather than one-sided communication through e-mail and online advertisement. Moreover, 95% of the customer read the SMS within a few minutes of delivery (1). Therefore, if you are thinking about customer engagement, you must include SMS/MMS marketing into the mix to communicate, connect, and engage with your customers effectively. If you do not know how to effectively make use of SMS/MMS, in this article we will discuss 5 tips to engage with your customers through messaging.

5 Tips to Engage With Your Customers through Messaging

1. Shipping and Delivery Notifications

One of the best ways to start engaging with your customers through messaging is to send them shipping and delivery notifications about their products. Every buyer wants to know the updates on their orders and when it will get delivered. Most retailers today are making use of email, but messaging is more efficient and quicker. Often emails end up in spam folders, leaving the customers scratching their heads about their order. However, with messaging there is no chance for the customer to lose their notifications. It will be straight into their inbox.

2. Polls and Surveys

Messaging is the most effective way for businesses to collect feedback from their customers. This is because people are more likely to respond to a message rather than an email. According to Gartner (2), the response rate for messaging is 45% as compared to 6% in email marketing. Therefore, why not use it to engage with your customers and better understand their behavior. This can help you better understand the interest of your customers and thus offering products which are based on customer feedback.

3. Promotional Offers

Sending promotional offers to customers is another way to effectively engage with your customers. It also helps you to convert your one-time buyer into regular customers by offering them personalized offers. Customers are more likely to buy products and items when it is available for heavy discounts. Moreover, if people have a few items in their cart, you can use messaging to remind them about it, along with discounted offers to convert them into an actual customer.

4. Friendly Messages

Every once in a while you can send friendly messages to your customers to stay connected with them. For instance, you can send them happy birthday messages or their company anniversary milestone or wish them Happy Holidays. These friendly messages can go a long way in building relationships and to have them as a loyal customer to your brand.

5. Offer Customer Service

Businesses can also make use of messaging to provide customer service to their customers. Not only is it a convenient method, but is also a very fast medium to solve all of the problems that your clients may have. Customers can quickly send a message asking for assistance, rather than waiting on hold on the phone for several minutes.

Final Thoughts

The convenience offered through messaging cannot be matched through email or other channels of customer engagement. VoIP.ms offers SMS/MMS functionality that allows you to better engage with your customers and to increase your return on investment. Everything can be taken to a whole other level with our SOAP and REST/JSON API.

1: Forbes.com Fifty Essential Mobile Marketing Facts

2: Gartner.com: Tap into the Marketing Power of SMS


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