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4 Benefits of Unified Communications (UC)

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4 Benefits of Unified Communications (UC)

Effective communication tools help companies to achieve their goals in an efficient manner. In today's fast-paced business environment, companies face a lot of problems and challenges in their quest to attract and maintain customers. Retaining customers, controlling cost and maintaining a competitive edge over business competitors is more challenging than what businesses have experienced before.

This is where unified communications solutions help businesses to perform their business operations seamlessly. Unified communication is basically an integration of real-time communication services across different mediums like fixed-line phones, computer, and mobiles. Unified communication brings real-time communication services like video conferencing, instant messaging, call control along with non-real time communications services such as SMS, email, voicemail, and fax. Unified communications help businesses do more work with fewer resources and time.

Following are a few benefits that businesses can get from switching to unified communication solutions.

1. Improved Efficiency

With the ability to route incoming calls to wherever an employee is, it significantly increase the efficiency at the workplace. By having access to calls on your office phone, mobiles and or computers, the probability to lose on important calls is reduced significantly. Thus, providing employees with an efficient way to communicate. They can work from wherever they want, as unified communication solutions are location independent. This also increases the productivity of employees, as they can work remotely with the same efficiency as they would work, by being present in the office.

2. Better Customer Service

Good and bad customer service is a matter of seconds. When a customer gets in touch with your business, they need specific information related to a specific department of your business. Putting the customer with the right contact who can solve their problem key, is of utmost importance. And if you are the right person, who can answer their questions, it means that you need to be present in the office, with the old age telephony communication system. However, with unified communication solutions, you can answer their call from anywhere and anytime. And for instance, when you think you are not the right person to answer the call, you can set up ring groups, to send the call to the next suitable person (read more at https://wiki.voip.ms/article/Ring_Group). Unified communication solutions help to perform this action quickly, without wasting any of the valuable time of customers. Thus, resulting in better customer service.

3. Less Administration

With many different unified communication solution providers, companies can opt to choose the best service providers to reduce administration task on their side. With these options, companies do not have to worry about set up, maintenance and in-house IT expertise to solve any technical problems. Service providers take care of all administration, streamlining your entire business operations.

4. Remote Workforce

Unified Communication solution like VoIP services, enables the employee to work remotely. All they need to have is a simple broadband connection. This can save businesses a lot of money and hardware requirements and the need to have an on-site workforce. Businesses can even ask for employees to work from their home, thus saving a lot of employee-related cost to the company.

The benefits of switching to unified communication are endless. From customer service to increased efficiency, from reduced cost to fewer administration requirements, UC is the future for effective communication within the organization.


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