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3CX Phone System for Windows Version 9.

3CX Phone System is a software-based IP PBX that replaces a traditional PBX and delivers employees the ability to make, receive and transfer calls. The IP PBX supports all traditional PBX features. An IP PBX is also referred to as a VOIP Phone System, IP PABX or SIP server.

Calls are sent as data packets over the computer data network instead of via the traditional phone network. Phones share the network with computers and separate phone wiring can therefore be eliminated. With the use of a VOIP gateway, you can connect existing phone lines to the IP PBX and make and receive phone calls via a regular PSTN line. The 3CX phone system uses standard SIP software or hardware phones, and provides internal call switching, as well as outbound or inbound calling via the standard phone network or via a VOIP service.


Adding Trunk

In the 3CX Phone System Portal, in the middle of the top, we can see the Add Voip Provider Wizard , we do click on there. Once we are there we can put the Name of the Provider, in this case we gonna put Voip.ms and in the Provider list we can select Generic Voip Provider.

3CX trunk 1.jpg

Once we already click on continue, we will see the Voip Provider Details configure it according to the following instructions:

3CX trunk 2.jpg


    Atlanta, GA: atlanta.voip.ms        (
    Chicago, IL: chicago.voip.ms        (
    Dallas, TX: dallas.voip.ms          (
    Houston, TX: houston.voip.ms        (
    Los Angeles, CA: losangeles.voip.ms (
    New York, NY: newyork.voip.ms       (
    Seattle, WA: seattle.voip.ms        (
    Tampa, FL: tampa.voip.ms            (
    Montreal 2,QC: montreal2.voip.ms    (
    Toronto 2, ON: toronto2.voip.ms     (
    Montreal,QC: montreal.voip.ms       (
    Toronto, ON: toronto.voip.ms        (
    London, UK: london.voip.ms          (

Account details section, to complete this section please do it according to the following instructions:

3CX trunk 3.jpg

Calls Routing

3CX trunk 4.jpg

Now specify how calls from this VOIP provider should be routed. You can specify a different route outside office hours.

   End call
   Connect to Extension
   Connect to Queue
   Connect to Digital Receptionist
   Voicemail Box for extension
   Forward to Outside Number

On the next page, you will be asked for a prefix so as to create an outbound rule for Voip.ms . Enter the dialling prefix in the “Calls to numbers starting with (prefix)” text box. To make calls via this provider, precede the number to be dialed with this prefix.

Outbound Rules

An outbound rule defines on which provider an outbound call should be placed,based on who is making the call, the number that is being dialled and the length of the number.


Specify for which calls to apply the outbound route. In the „Apply this rule to these calls‟ section, specify any of these options:

Inbound Rules

With the Inbound rules we can configure calls made to that particular DID number to go to a particular extension, digital receptionist or other destination.

Create DID.jpg

 End Call
 Connection to extension
 Connect to Queue/Ring Group
 Connect to Digital receptionist 
 Voicemail box for extension
 Forward to outside number
 Send fax to email of extension

You can specify that an incoming call is routed differently if it is received outside office hours. De-select the „Same as during office hours‟ option to specify a different route.

Click OK to create the DID / Inbound rule. The newly created DID‟s will be listed as inbound rules.

Creating Extensions

To add an extension, click on „Add Extension‟ from the toolbar.

Extensions 1.jpg

 ID – The SIP „Username‟. e.g. 200.
 Password –The SIP Password (password can be hidden from the user).
 Enable voice mail
 Play Caller ID  – the voicemail system will play the number of the caller who left the voice message
 Read out date/time of message – the voicemail system will play back the time of the voice message to be played
 PIN number – this pin number is used to protect the voice mailbox and is used by the user to access the mailbox. The PIN number is also used as a password to logon to 3CX Assistant or the MyPhone User portal.

After you have created the extension, a summary page will appear, which shows the information that the SIP phone will need:

Security Measures

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