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What Is CNAM and How to Leverage It for Your Business?

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What Is CNAM and How to Leverage It for Your Business?

Caller ID Name which is also commonly known as CNAM basically refers to the name of the business or the person placing the phone call. In addition to the callers' phone number, CNAM feature allows phones to display the name of the caller. With the CNAM feature enabled, the person at the receiving end gets access to two different types of identifiable information – Caller ID Name (15 characters long) and Phone Number.

Using the CNAM functionality allows the user to easily identify different callers. In today's business environment, where the call receiving rates are pretty low for any telemarketing company – let alone their conversion rates, CNAM feature can be a great marketing tool for business to help boost their call answer rates.

How Does it Work?

CNAM overcomes and improves the limitation of traditional caller ID technology and provides a better-personalized touch from businesses to their prospective and existing clients. However, in order to be able to transmit and display both the name and phone number, the caller and the receivers' service providers must make use of CNAM service.

When the phone call is placed, the information of the person who is calling is compared with the already existing data in the CNAM database and is then displayed at the receivers end. However, if for some reason, a person has changed his/her number, then this changed number will get assigned to a different individual. And if the name of this new individual is not updated in the CNAM database, then the old name associated with the number will be displayed.

In simpler words, if the number was associated with John last year and now the owner is Roy and is not updated, it will still display John along with the number. If you want to change the name associated with a certain phone number, the best way to do so is to get in touch with our support!

Incoming and Outgoing CNAM

VoIP.ms offers both outbound and inbound CNAM options. The difference between outbound CNAM and inbound CNAM that one should know is – outbound CNAM displays the information when a call is made and inbound CNAM displays the data while receiving the call. All in all, CNAM is an exciting feature while providing valuable information for both the caller and the receiver.

Benefits of CNAM

The most important and primary benefit of using the CNAM feature is that it provides consumers the ability to answer calls without any doubt and hesitancy. People are normally hesitant in their approach to answering calls with unknown or unrecognized numbers. Because of which a high number of phone calls remain unanswered. Undoubtedly, companies who use the CNAM feature experience a better answering rates, which obviously leads to higher conversion rates.

Note that this blog post refers to US CNAM only.


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