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Ways to Take the Fear Out of VoIP

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Ways to Take the Fear Out of VoIP

It is that time of the year when you will find yourself amidst creepy costumes, horror movie marathon on TV and haunted houses. Yes, it is Halloween. You will have plenty of opportunities to be scared or to scare. But being an Information Technology decision maker, you know that no ghoul, ghost or any serial killer is as petrifying as bringing change into the IT department.

So how do you introduce buzzing technology like Voice over IP (VoIP) and United Communication (UC) tools without scaring the team, at the workplace? Change does not have to petrify. Use our strategies to take the fear out of VoIP and Unified communications technology, and make sure that your team gets the best phone service ever.

1. Fight Fear with Facts

Rather than forcing your opinion on other employees, a good way to start is by making a business case for this digital transition. Instead of simply implementing the technology and forcing others to get onboard, convince people by telling them - why it is in their best interest to adopt VoIP and UC tools. Provide a detailed explanation as to how the new technology will help the business to grow, be successful and to provide better customer experience. Explain, what is there for them to gain out of it and how it will make their work more productive and flexible.

2. Fight Fear with Foresight

Nobody likes change and more often than not people even fear it. There's a reason why most people don't want to get out of their comfort zone. Learning something new takes time and effort and people only get better at it with time and practice. However, throwing it all away and starting from zero, might feel unnecessary and a waste of time. Change doesn't need to be scary for you or for your employees at the workplace. It is important to get the team excited by telling them what the new service can do for them and how they can get more efficiency in the days to come, with the new technology. Getting them up to speed by providing training, is definitely one way to do it.

3. Fight Fear with Familiarity

Psychology says that sometimes what you don't see is scarier than what you can. This is also the case with technology. It is important for senior officials to get their employees and team members familiar with the new technology. For all intents, VoIP phone service works the same way as any other business phone service would. One of the key difference is that with VoIP, you can take your office line with you at home, thus missing no important calls. Don't make them feel that they are being tossed into the deep end, as and when you roll out a new solution. Make them accustomed to it, by providing tutorials and training.


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