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Ways to Hold Effective Conference Call Meetings

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Ways to Hold Effective Conference Call Meetings

Conference calls can be an efficient and a productive way to conduct meetings. However, if the call is not conducted in an organized and timely manner, it can be a waste of time. Here are some tips to help you hold effective conference call meetings using our audio conferencing feature.

1. Be Organized and Prepared

The most important thing to do before making any call is to get yourself and others organized for the meeting. If you want your conference meeting to be fruitful and accomplish all of the items on your agenda, being prepared ahead of time is really crucial. Create an agenda for yourself and all the other attendees. Prepare as much material as possible before time, so that you do not end up wasting time on useless topics.

2. Stick to your Agenda

No one really has time to listen to conversations that are not pertinent to them and the task at hand. Thus, it is important during the call to stick to the agenda. Always, try to finish the meeting within the timeframe set. Prolonging meetings will not generate attentiveness.

3. Keep Notes

Either you are a host or a participant, keeping notes is an effective way to keep track of everything going around during the conference call and also allows you to stay more focused. The information and the different subjects discussed during the call are all important and will serve as a point of reference later on. Thus, having a notebook and pencil can serve a great amount of help later on.

4. Record the Call

Recording the conference call can be a valuable tool for several reasons… the good news? It’s available at only $0.0025/min. First, it allows the participants and the host to go back and review the discussion that took place during the call. Second, if a key player for the call is running late and cannot attend the call, then the recorded call will allow that person to listen to the recording and receive the exact same information as the other people did. In addition to this, having a recording of the call keeps on the details of who said what and in general becomes a way to keep track of the meeting for future purposes. One can always verify what information was discussed and presented during the call.


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