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VoIP – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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VoIP – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device which allows customers to use their own piece of hardware when they sign up for network and VoIP services from a provider. In a corporate environment, companies allow employees to bring their own piece of hardware or devices, which includes laptops, smartphones and other personal devices. By allowing employees to use their own personal devices for work-related issues, companies save a lot of money in addition to several other benefits. BYOD, for VoIP, is no different.

When you as a business sign up for VoIP services, there are a different number of hardware pieces required to set up the service. You need an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), which can also be used with the traditional telephone system, or an IP phone which is a sophisticated phone that comes with an embedded Analog Telephone Adapter functionality. Thus, VoIP service providers who support BYOD allow businesses to use their own Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) or IP phones with VoIP services.

VoIP – BYOD Functionality

A subset of the VoIP service providers provides BYOD functionality for VoIP services. Fortunately, VoIP.ms is one such service provider which allows customers to use their own piece of hardware that they already have on hands. We allow customers to use close to any SIP ready device that they have for their service offerings.

Installing BYOD, VoIP services on a personal phone can be quite simple and easy. A simple software download on the device and running it, are all required. And with the assigned ID and password, users can log into their devices and start using the functionalities. It is that simple and hassle-free. Our Bring Your Own Device policy will ensure that businesses keep their freedom.

Advantages of BYOD for VoIP

1. Cost Savings

Voip-bring-your-own-device-byod Cost-Savings.png

This is one of the biggest advantages while choosing BYOD for your business VoIP. Buying new equipment from a VoIP service provider can cost businesses unnecessary overhead. By having BYOD, businesses can also reduce a significant amount of IT and upgrade costs related to VoIP.

2. Mobility

Voip-bring-your-own-device-byod Mobility.png

Using BYOD with VoIP allow users to access cloud and their VoIP systems even when they are not at work. Also, with the increased usage of smartphones, employees love to work from their own mobile devices. Working with mobile devices provides convenience to them, as they are no longer required to be on their desk all the time.

3. Productivity

Voip-bring-your-own-device-byod Productivity.png

By adopting BYOD, employees are free to use whichever device they feel they are comfortable with. Since they already know how to navigate through their devices, they can perform the required task more quickly as opposed to the time required for unfamiliar devices. Using your own device at work ensures that there is less struggle with IT as well as close to no learning curve.

Wrapping Up

With BYOD, you can use and enable all of the services, which you would usually do with your traditional phone set provided by your service provider. In this economy, where businesses strive and find it difficult to be cost-effective, it simply doesn't get any better than this.


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