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Modernize Your Digital Receptionist

Dear blog enthusiasts, you will find below a guest blog article from one of our partners: Allison Smith, Allison is an internationally-recognized professional voice talent, specializing in voicing telephone systems. Ever signed onto a conference call, listened to the public airwaves, took an online training module, or received an automated phone reminder for an upcoming medical or dental appointment? That's her.

With the current preference for non-verbal communication – primarily in the form of text, direct message, and social media posts, the concept of a phone system presence may, at first glance, appear to be a charming, quaint, outdated aspect of a corporate identity.

When the digital receptionist (“IVR”) was new, it was an inventive way to save money (no receptionist having to field the calls and designate the issue to the appropriate department), and to create a sleek, professional “face” to callers in a cool, automated, “we’re too busy/important to actually answer the phone.”

It can’t be overstated enough that a company’s phone system still is and always will be a very integral aspect of a company’s outward-facing image. While the search for information or service may start automatically online, the phone system should be through of as a specialized, upper-level service strata, reserved for those with specific issues which could not be resolved in a turnkey way on the website. All the more important that the IVR be professional, efficient, and as welcoming as possible.

So, what’s the best way to modernize your IVR? The best ways to avoid an old-sounding, outdated, and ineffective IVR?


Tap Into Your Personality

The temptation is to just re-create the same, boring IVR systems that we’re all accustomed to hearing. Where’s the fun in that? And think about the missed opportunity to showcase your company’s uniqueness. Designers of IVR systems have been traditionally afraid to inject personality into an IVR system, and yet, the IVR is an important extension of a company’s branding. The tone of the IVR should tell as much about your company as your website or your business cards do.

Reflect Your Customer’s Needs

Chances are, if customers have dialed into your IVR, they’ve already been to your website, and their issue or question is either so specific or problematic, that they need to carve out the time to call you. They need someone to listen to their issue, they need someone to connect with their issue, and they need a solution. That’s all.


Your Phone System Is Not Designed to Babysit, Occupy or Act as a Waiting Room

Some IVRs seem almost designed as a “make work” project. Having the user enter a pin or account number multiple times, forcing them to drill into several levels of needless submenus, and requiring them to listen to a seemingly endless on hold patter all points towards a system that’s just there to hold them in suspension. And nobody wants that. The caller doesn’t want to live in limbo for any longer than they absolutely need to; and your company cannot take the risk of annoying the customer with so many delays that they hang up and call your competitor.

Your IVR should provide a professional, reassuring, and appreciative “face” to your company, and prep the caller with the best customer experience possible. The moment it becomes an annoyance, a waste of time, or a hindrance to your callers, it needs to be re-evaluated, overhauled, and modernized.

It's never been more important to be sensitive to your customer’s ever-changing needs –or attuned to requirements for an ever-increasing workforce. The solutions that offers ensures that a company’s workflow remains uninterrupted and unimpeded.

To learn more about how Allison Smith combined with is your best choice to modernize your IVR, click here


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