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Messaging: Can You Text Through VoIP?

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Can You Text Through VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over internet Protocol) has gained wide popularity for its ability to make voice calls using the internet connection. An increasing number of businesses are adopting modern-day communication technology and making use of the various features that it has to offer for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Having said that, many people might associate VoIP with voice calls, conference calls, reduced call rates, music on hold, and other features that it has to offer. However, these people do not realize that VoIP can offer another important functionality: messaging(!).

In this article, we will discuss VoIP messaging and the various benefits of using the VoIP messaging functionality.

VoIP Messaging

Just like VoIP allows you to make phone calls over the internet, it also allows you to send and receive text messages (SMS and MMS). But how exactly does it work? - you might ask -.

VoIP text messaging service works with a text-enabled virtual phone number that is assigned to the user and not to a device. Thus, allowing the user to send text messages over the internet. In other words, you can send text messages to cellphones from your mobile device, including your laptop or tablet.

When you are using a mobile phone, you can send and receive text messages from another mobile user. The same applies with VoIP, although you are not limited to a physical phone. You can send and receive text messages using your computer or your mobile phone via SIP SMS, via your portal or even via your email. Additionally, when you are texting via VoIP, it is entirely seamless for the recipient.

Benefits of VoIP Messaging Functionality

1.Send Text Messages to More Customers at Once

One of the major benefits of VoIP messaging functionality is the fact that it allows you to send messages to a group of people. Whether you want to send a SMS to 10, 50, or even 100 people at once, you can do that in a single click with VoIP service.

2. Automation

VoIP service providers such as provides access to advanced features, namely an extensive SOAP and REST/JSON API, that help you automate the text message sending process. Therefore, saving your employees a lot of time. For instance, you can schedule the time for sending out a text message to different people. Based on your customer preferences, you can decide what time of the day will be the most effective to send out a text message. Moreover, you can also segment your customer based on their demographics and behavior, for sending personalized text messages.

3. Cost efficient

Sending out thousands of text messages with a local carrier could accumulate a hefty sum. However, with, you may send bulk of messages at a cheaper rate starting at $0.0075.

Final Toughts

Text messages marketing is gaining traction among businesses, as more consumers are preferring to communicate with businesses through messaging. Therefore, if you are looking to add text messaging to your marketing strategy, then this is the right time. Check out the text messaging functionality and start sending out messages in a matter of a few minutes.

To know how you could integrate text messaging in your marketing strategy visit our blog entry:

To start sending text messages with check our configuration guide: or reach out to our sales team at [email protected] to discuss your automation projects!


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