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Impact of 5G on VoIP

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Impact of 5G on VoIP

Every generation of wireless technology has provided a significant increase in speed, reliability and signal clarity. Already deeper into the 4th generation, it is now time to consider various possibilities that the 5th generation connectivity will bring to the world. Speaking about the improvement in 5th generation wireless technology, it is reasonable to expect that the data transmission speed will increase by 10 folds from the previous generation (4G). So what does advent of 5G, really means for VoIP and UC?

Impact of 5G on VoIP

With the advent of 5th generation mobile networking, one can also expect to experience the blazing speed of data transmission for both personal and business use. 5G networks are presumed to provide a huge uptick when it comes to the ability to transfer and receive data over the wireless connection. One can also expect to stream 4k and 8k videos from their mobile devices with a wireless connection, meaning that the accessibility and the coverage area will be enhanced with the technology.

This will make VoIP and UC solutions more appealing to businesses who are in the thought process to move towards cloud communications. Fewer disruptions and interruptions to signals will make UC and VoIP even more reliable than what it is today.

In addition to this, even Augmented and Virtual Reality are supposed to undergo vast improvement. Yes, AR and VR have improved considerably over the last decade. But with technology finally catching up, AR and VR will become far more prevalent than what they were before. These two have the ability to provide amazing web and video conferencing abilities. For example, if the client needs to get a tour of your construction facility, AR and VR along with 5G can make the tour possible and within the realm of technology.

5G will also provide an increased coverage area, enabling internet connection to places, which were devoid of using the internet capabilities. Thus, providing access for business to reliable and credible VoIP services.

Effect of 5G on Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is another area that 5G connection is assumed to bring drastic changes into. Since the VoIP technology is completely reliant upon internet connection and bandwidth, there are instances when a user faces reliability problems, even with the 4G connection. Loss of data packets during transmission and jitters during the calls are way too common. 5G technology can improve this situation vastly. The upload and download speeds will be far greater than what it is today, thus making mobile VoIP more acceptable to its users. The rate of data packet loss will also be significantly reduced making the technology far more reliable.

Thus, it is only reasonable to expect that users and business can expect far better coverage, reliability and quick data transmission with lesser packet loss, with the arrival of 5G technology.


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