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How to Prevent Robocalls with Nomorobo?

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How to Prevent Robocalls with Nomorobo?

Have you ever answered the phone only to hear a pre-recorded message instead of a person? That is a robocall. It is the name given to phone calls that are handled by a computer. Such calls are initiated through software which plays a message the moment someone answers the call.

Unfortunately, during the past few years, robocalls have been seen to outnumber the calls placed by actual human beings and are constantly on the rise. So how do you avoid robocalls?

Using Nomorobo

Nomorobo is one of the first product of its kind that is capable of blocking robocalls and saving people from the annoyance caused. Nomorobo is a cloud-based internet service that helps to block and hangs up illegal calls from telemarketers. works with Nomorobo to block unsolicited robocalls to your cell phones and other devices.
When used for this type of scenario, an IVR can be set up in a way that when the visitor rings, he or she will hear a recording from the IVR to input his IVR choice through the keypad on the box and the sequence feature will be triggered. The sequence may then play a welcome recording to the visitor and send specific digits to the box, which will trigger the door to open. If the building or house owner chooses so, he or she could configure the final step to receive a SMS to be alerted that a visitor has been given access to enter.

How to Leverage the Feature

Controlling access to a secure area is one of the most common uses of the Sequence feature. In fact, the Sequence feature gives the user the flexibility and customization to fit their requirement, it is a great way to add extra security and to keep a close eye on who enters certain areas within a building or the entire building itself.
Note: If you are a customer and wants to get rid of robocalls, you can read the complete steps here to set up Nomorobo with service.
Once you have set up Nomorobo with service, all you need to do - is continue using the phone as usual. Once you receive a call, Nomorobo will intercept the call and will hang it up, if it detects a robocall.
All you need to do is wait for the second ring to answer the phone call. Nomorobo makes use of the first ring to determine whether it is a robocaller or not. For instance, if you only hear one ring and then it drops, you should know that Nomorobo just blocked a robocaller.
If the phone does not stop ringing after the first ring, you can go ahead and answer the call as usual. It is a legitimate call.

How Nomorobo blocks the robocalls?

The cloud-based service makes use of a massive database of known robocallers that have been compiled with the assistance of FTC and other user reports. Once the call is made on your phone number, it intercepts and checks through 1.8 million robocallers. If the number matches with their database the call will be dropped immediately, if not, they will let the call go through.
Once in a while, the robocall might get a slip from Nomorobo. If this happens with you, it is advisable to report the robocall to Nomorobo.

Final Thoughts

Nomorobo is an excellent cloud-based service that can help you avoid robocalls and get rid of the untimely annoyance. For users, setting up the Nomorobo service is quite simple and can be done with a few steps. Start using Nomorobo and get rid of all unwanted telemarketers calls immediately.


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