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Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

DISA or Direct Inward System Access is a system feature that allows users to access their phone system through means of external sources. It allows users to connect into their phone system so that they can check their dial extensions, voicemails and even place calls in addition to several other options. The general idea behind Direct Inward System Access is providing authorized corporate managers and employees who are working out of their office, to make calls using the companies' special low tariffs.

Direct Inward System Access works by prompting the users to first dial a number (this could be a regular business number or any other special number only for this purpose) and then dial a special feature code that will prompt the user to enter the special PIN code. Once the users enter the code or credentials, they will be able to access the system remotely, in a similar fashion as if they were working from their own office desk.

Benefits of Direct Inward System Access

DISA feature can be especially useful when the employee is not in the office and have to contact urgently one of its clients internationally. In such situations, the user or employee can dial in the special number and by simply entering the PIN and feature code, the user can proceed to make a call. Thus, allowing the user to get in touch with their clients. In addition to this, even the client will feel as if the employee is calling from the office and is always available when in need.

Another benefit of the feature is that the user can use the long-distance service of the phone without being worried about the high long distance per minute mobile fees. In other words, Direct Inward System Access can work as a calling card for employees at work. It makes calling a lot cheaper and easier when employees travel overseas for work commitment and still needs to be in-house to answer critical questions that the clients may have. Secondly, employees won't be liable to pay high mobile bills for calling clients, as the company will be directly billed and not the employees’ personal mobile connection (as long as Direct Inward System Access is enabled).

Thus, companies can also save a lot of money by using the DISA feature if they are usually used to reimburse employees personal mobile bill.


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