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5 Key Features for Businesses

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5 Key Features for Businesses

With each passing day, number of different businesses are moving their communication channel to the cloud and are using VoIP technology, for all of their business communication requirements. Yes, VoIP technology does help businesses to save a lot of money, by replacing the traditional telephony systems. However, there are several different features that can help improve businesses the way they communicate with clients, customers and among themselves.

These features can help to increase productivity and enhance customer service among many other benefits. Following are 5 must-have features that every business need.

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

An IVR system can help reduce the dependency on employees, as customers can make use of automated voice menus to direct themselves to the required departments and/or extensions. Using the IVR feature, customers do not have to wait long in order to get in touch with the business. Automated responses make sure that there is no kind of delay in offering effective customer support to callers by giving the opportunity to reach only one number and then enter the extension or department needed (e.g. 1 for support, 2 for sales, etc.) which would route to a ring group, calling queue or call hunting. To start building yours, take a peek at our step-by-step guide: http://bit.ly/2G7F8Fi. Also, give a good read to our blog articles on IVR: http://bit.ly/2DiFkhp and http://bit.ly/IVRsystem.

2. Ring Groups

Another must-have feature for businesses is Ring Groups. Using the ring groups feature, businesses can effectively distribute the incoming calls among the employees of a particular department like sales, customer support or tech. In other words, the ring group is a feature that allows you to have 8 phones ring at the same time when one number or extension is dialed. This feature helps in reducing the customer hold time and increases the productivity of the employees. Direct link to our step-by-step guide to set up yours: http://bit.ly/2H7IfMq
We are on a constant mission to establish as many partnerships as possible with device providers to ensure full compatibility and seamless customer experience. Take a look at some of our recent partnerships with Grandstream: http://bit.ly/2XHr62b, Yeastar: http://bit.ly/2YBmppS and Synway: http://bit.ly/2VHf5rB.

3. Voicemail to E-Mail

Voicemail to E-mail is another VoIP feature that basically record your voicemail as an audio file and then sends it to a specific email address. The recipient of the email can download the file from their inbox and play it using a media player on their computer or smartphone. This feature increases the response time and can also help employees with record keeping.

4. Time Conditions

Another must-have VoIP business phone feature that helps with routing the calls appropriately based upon different time conditions. Using this feature, you could route your incoming calls to a different phone, IVR or Voicemail depending upon the time of the call. For instance, you could set up a time condition for outside business hours and lunch time and all of the incoming calls that you will receive during that period would be routed to a different number, voicemail, and/or IVR.

5. Call Hunting

The call hunting feature or also commonly known as “find me”, means that an incoming call can be configured to ring in multiple phones, one after the other, until it gets answered or gets transferred to the voicemail if the person is not available. This feature is especially important if for example, an employee is on the road, home or in another office, he can set up this feature so all calls can ring in his sub account in his office, then to ring to his mobile phone, and then to ring home. It can also be used to reach a ring group with different sub accounts, then head to another ring group with different members and keep going until one member takes the call.

Check out these features and much more for your business communication on our website: http://bit.ly/2Qkv1wS


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