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5 Advantages that VoIP has over Traditional Phone Services

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5 Advantages that VoIP has over Traditional Phone Services

With the advent of digital transformation and technological improvements in the communication space, newer and enhanced solutions have helped businesses to streamline their processes and easily connect with employees and clients to get the work done seamlessly. One such technology that is pushing the boundaries of business communication is VoIP.

In this article, we will discuss the various advantages that Voice over IP offers to businesses over the traditional phone system. If your business is choosing to upgrade its communication system, following are some of the top advantages to be considered.

1. Flexible Infrastructure

Traditional phone services are limited by how many lines your business can use. In other words, if the business decides to add more lines, it means you need to install and upgrade the infrastructure within the business facility. However, if the business is using VoIP services, which uses an internet connection for business communication, it is possible to have an unlimited number of lines as and when required with the proper infrastructure. Setting up new employees on a VoIP system becomes easy and quick.

2. Location-independent

Traditional phone services are tied to your business location. However, with VoIP services, you can access your communication system to make and receive calls over the internet through several different devices and from different locations. This is one of the top advantages of using a VoIP service. You can take your communication system along with you, wherever you go. VoIP provides you the ability to conduct your business on the go. You can route your office calls to your cell phone as well as to other colleagues with a few simple clicks, among many other possibilities.

3. Functionality

Traditional phone services only offer basic call features including caller ID, call blocking, call forwarding, call waiting and voicemail among few others. However, with VoIP, your business can access to numerous top-of-the-game features such as IVR, call conferencing, call hunting, ring groups, voicemail to email and many more. Businesses can effectively collaborate and communicate with remote workers to increase productivity within the business environment.

4. Reduced Missed Calls

There is nothing worse in business than missing the call of a client who wants to get in touch with you immediately. With VoIP phone services, your phone can ring multiple times instead of going straight to the voicemail. If you do not pick up your office phone, traditional phone services will send the client to your voicemail. However, with VoIP, rather than sending the client to your voicemail, it can send the call on your cell phone or to another colleague, get to a specific voicemail, put the client in a queue or many more options. This increases the chances of you picking up the phone, which in return helps in retaining the client.

5. Reduced Cost

With VoIP services, your business can expect a steep decrease in communication bills. As the communication system works over the existing internet connection, there is no need for the business to have a costly setup like that of a traditional phone system.

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