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5 Advantages of Mobile Workforce

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5 Advantages of Mobile Workforce

With so much digitization around us, today's modern workforce no longer succumbs to their office or desk. They are mobile. In order to remain competitive, organizations must ensure that they are empowering their employees with the latest technology and not hindering them. VoIP is the perfect solution for enabling a mobile workforce. It can act as a facilitator of unified communications.

The mobile phone of an employee can be linked with the organizations' phone system in order for the employees to receive calls, voicemails, and messages. In addition to this, the device can also be set up to carry out audio conferencing, receive emails and many more applications that many office-based employees have access to. With VoIP, employees can stay connected from any given location across the globe with a single number contact option. Here are a few advantages of a mobile workforce:

1. Reduced Operating Costs

Mobilizing employees can reduce operating cost significantly more so ever now, than before. With a hosted cloud communication solution provider, companies are in no need to have all the infrastructure in-house. Thus, diminishing the need to invest in real estate and infrastructure. Deploying a mobile workforce solution is a great option, but it truly depends on finding the right strategy for your business.

2. Happier Environment

Employees are generally happier at the workplace when there is flexibility. It enables them to manage other aspects of their lives like home and family and also provides them with a sense of relief that the organization does care about their personal welfare. This results in a higher level of productivity, less sick days and an added incentive to work with the organization for a longer period of time.

3. Work without Boarders

Integrating branches and offices from all around the world is a lot cheaper and robust than it was ever before. And with the advent of unified communication solutions like VoIP, building an effective team is a lot easier and faster. As discussions, workflows and collaborations can be easily performed with the help of unified communications tools, working with a team around the world is much easier.

4. Better Use of Time

Employees can stay connected to work through the channels of tablets, smartphones, and laptops all the time. For instance, employees can attend important calls even when on vacation and make more productive usage of their free time to perform small, yet crucial tasks, if need be. Checking and receiving emails, editing and drafting documents can all be done while on the go. Thus, resulting in higher efficiency.

5. Better Meeting Turnouts

Businesses are more likely to experience higher meeting turnouts when they allow their employees or participants to attend the meetings from the comfort of their home. In addition to this, companies can also save a lot of travel expenses for flying their employees from one end of the country to the other, basically for attending meetings – which these days can be done through the means of unified communications tools.


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