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4 Signs You Need to Make a Switch/Upgrade to a VoIP Phone System

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4 Signs You Need to Make a Switch/Upgrade to a VoIP Phone System

In this digital and technological world, many traditional business tools are getting phased out. Not because of their irrelevance, but due to the availability of more sophisticated and user-friendly tools - which helps in boosting productivity and profitability. Just like anything else in life, changes are around the corner when you continuously receive warning signs. Here are 4 signs which will clearly help businesses realize that it is time for them to upgrade to a VoIP Phone System.

1. High Communications Cost

Average bills for big companies can range as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and that doesn’t include the variety of other fees which includes maintenance, support and so on. VoIP phone systems help in reducing this cost significantly. It has less maintenance cost, less upgrade cost, no long-distance cost and you can pay as you use it. This is the reason, why most businesses see a cost-cutting of over 40% when they make a switch to VoIP.

2. Lack of Scalability

The traditional phone system can require a lot of investments when you are scaling or expanding your business. Because of this cumbersome and expensive process, you might see that your business is stuck in one place. Perhaps, your business needs a system which can grow along with you swiftly. Upgrading to a VoIP phone system will provide your business with this ability - you can scale your communication system at any time! Traditional phone system does not provide this flexibility.

3. Inability to Handle Call Volume

When the business is growing, the first thing it experiences is the increase in the number of incoming and outgoing calls. With the traditional phone system, managing this increase in volume can be quite difficult and the business will start to lose on calls. Meaning that the business will have to deal with angry clients. Not only, this will reduce the efficiency of your employees, but there is always the fear of losing some clients permanently. If you see this happening steadily over a period of time, perhaps, your business is in immediate need of VoIP services.

4. No Multi-Office Support Feature

With expansion and growth comes the issue of multi-location and branches. And thus, it becomes imperative, that your communication system provides support for multiple branches and locations. When it comes to a traditional phone system, adding and managing extensions to other locations can be an expensive and tedious task. This can be easily done with the help of a VoIP service provider, which makes the overall process seamless by managing the entire hardware requirement on-premise and even doesn't cost much.

It is not only the money which you are going to save with VoIP but a whole bunch of other benefits which will certainly increase the productivity of your business.


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